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The LOA and our political action committee LOPAC functions for our members.


We must all get involved together in these efforts.




The LOA had a good 2010 Legislative session and came away from it relatively unscathed.  Attention now turns to the election cycle.  In 2012 all state legislative offices will be up for re-election.  Our friends in the legislature turn to us to help finance their re-election campaigns.


LOA sincerely appreciates your involvement and your financial support of our political action committee, LOPAC.  Especially in the state of Louisiana,  MONEY  IS  THE  LIFEBLOOD  OF  POLITICS.


Insurance Companies, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Trial Lawyers -- all donate heavily to their own political action committees.  It is critically important for you to join LOPAC, so that we are able to continue our success in the legislative arena.  Please donate today.


PACESETTER’S CLUB                      $   1,000.00

CHAIRMAN’S CLUB                           $      500.00

CAPITAL CLUB                                   $      250.00

CENTURY CLUB                                 $      100.00


Make your check payable to “LOPAC” and mail to:

P O Box 80053
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-0053



PACESETTER’S  ($1000) 

Dr. Chris Rich, MBA

Dr. Stan Foster



CHAIRMAN’S CLUB  ($500 - 999)

Dr. William Crenshaw
Dr. Robert Morvant
Dr. Donald Faust
Dr. Kearny Robert
Dr. Daniel Gallagher
Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez
Dr. Scott Habetz  
Dr. Raoul Rodriguez
Dr. Nick Hatzis      

Dr. Michael Holland
Dr. Earl Rozas
Dr. Lewis Jones
Dr. Felix Savoie
Dr. William Laughlin, Jr
Dr. Robert Shackleton
Dr. Lee Leonard
Dr. Terry Texada



CAPITAL CLUB  ($250 - 499)

Dr. Phillip Bacilla
Dr. Robert Rabalais            
Dr. Thomas Lyons              
Dr. Linda Thompson          

Dr. Roland Miller
Dr. Peter Vizzi
Dr. Charles Murphy
Dr. James Todd



CENTURY CLUB  ($100 - 249)

Dr. Kenneth Adatto             
Dr. Edward Lisecki             
Dr. David Aiken                   
Dr. Neil Maki                        
Dr. Larry Bankston             
Dr. Gordon Mead
Dr. Douglas Bernard          
Dr. Chad Millet                    
Dr. James Butler                 
Dr. Bruce Monaco              
Dr. W. Andre Cenac           

Dr. John Fambrough
Dr. Seth Rosenzweig
Dr. Stephen Gick
Dr. Daniel Sinclair
Dr. James Gosey
Dr. Jeffrey Sketchler
Dr. Clark Gunderson
Dr. Craig Springmeyer
Dr. William Hagemann
Dr. Robert Steiner
Dr. Rudolf Hamsa

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