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AAOS Board of Counselors

AAOS Fall Meeting

Board of Counselors Meeting

The AAOS Fall Meeting was held in Austin, TX. October 17-19, 2013.The Board of Councilors (BOC) represents the grassroots of the orthopaedic profession. Its 90-plus members are elected by state and regional orthopaedic societies.Louisiana was represented by Drs. Stan Foster and Chuck Murphy.The BOC serves as an advisory body to the AAOS Board of Directors and a resource to AAOS committees. In addition, the BOC manages AAOS' relations with the state and regional orthopaedic societies. This includes conducting a wide range of programs to strengthen and support the state and regional societies organizationally.

Multiple symposia were presented on the following timely topics.

Symposium I

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